"Thousands of lights, thousands of sails under the sun and the maestral, cruise silently the blue Adriatic through the Zadar channel, while you and me, my love, we sit by the sea, and enjoy on the waterfront..." T. Ivčić


Santorini lounge bar & restaurant is located in St. Bartul Cove surrounded by luxurious villas, apartments and ancient drywalls, olive trees, archaeological deposits buried in the sand, hidden and unexplored early Christian foundations wrapped in the natural wilderness of the Mediterranean vegetation... The logo "SANTORINI" incorporates Orpheus’ mythical lyre as an Accent to the Epicentre equally distanced (9 km) from the town of Zadar and the modern Bethlehem-like town of Nin.

"All creatures by their nature celebrate that which is lovely, and Primorje celebrates you, Zadar..." J. Baraković, a renaissance poet from Zadar


From the terrace of the Santorini Lounge Bar & Restaurant you can enjoy the view of the Mediterranean landscape and the unforgettable panorama; unique and unbeatable sunsets, wide Zadar channel and the green island of Ugljan on the other side, with its gentle and gorgeous coves and famous fishing and tourist townlets; Ugljan, Lukoran, Sutomišćica and further to the south Kali and Preko
with a striking fortress and the highest peak of Sv. Mihovil.

"Santorini is a Croatian version of the luxurious holiday at the beach which captures the earliest history of civilizations that is still not fully uncovered."